dijous, 3 de novembre de 2011


Last Saturday I went to the theatre to watch a ballet, the Ballet Nacional de Cuba in the Cinderella. It was spectacular!

I took some pics, and I'm gonna tell you the story (that I'm sure you all know) using them.
I hope you like it!!! ;)

Poor C!! Her stepmother and stepsisters have been invited to the ball that the Prince has organised but she has to stay at home.

Oh! The Fairy Godmother is here, and with her new dress Cinderella can go to the ball!
But she has to return at midnight.

Everybody is dancing and having fun!!!

Look at that girl!!! Nobody knows who she is but she's the best dancer and the Prince has fallen in love with her.

It's midnight!!! I've gotta go!!!

The Prince is looking for the misterious girl, but all he has is a shoe she lost.

It looks like none of the stepsisters is that girl.

Wait! There's one more girl in this house!

And she's THE GIRL!!

Eventually she marries the Prince and they are happy together!

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